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Electronic Playable Electric Guitar in Key chain size 4.125" (ET198B)

Electronic Playable Electric Guitar in Key Chain size 4.125"

Item # ET198B (come with watch batteries)

It is already programmed with 8 rock music inside.  When you touch the strings with your bare finger, it  will released a single continuous note.  Lift up your finger and touch the strings again, the second continuous note will be heard.  Follow this pattern of playing, you can control the proceeding of the default rock music.  No need to learn how to play electric guitar or the songs, you can act like a musician. 

It is also a music box by itself.  Just press a button at the back of this tiny electric guitar, you can enjoy the authentic electric guitar music.  Totally, there are 8 rock music instead of one unlike to those regular winding type music box .

It comes in blister card pack.